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Our Weekly Dorm Package; Reserve 7 nights in a dorm room and the last night is only $10.00!

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Sunday 3 Night Package; Reserve a bed in a dorm room for 3 nights including any Sunday and your last night is only $20.00!

FAQ's Apple Hostels Philadelphia

How do I get to the hostel from the airport?
Take the R1 train (follow the signs). Get off at Jefferson Station. Take market Street towards 2nd Street (approximately 10 minutes walking distance to the hostel). Bank Street is between 3rd and 2nd Street on the right hand side. A taxi will get you from Jefferson Station to the hostel for about $6 plus tip.

Shuttles are also available from the airport for $10 per person plus tip.

Taxis to the hostel cost a flat rate of $28.50 for one person, and an additional $0.50 per person, plus tip.

Walk along Market Street towards 2nd Street (approximately 15 minutes walking distance to the hostel). Bank Street is a very small street (like an alley) between 2nd and 3rd Street, on the right hand side.

How do I get to the hostel from the Amtrak train station?
Take the blue-line subway from the train station. Get off on 2nd Street. Bank Street is a very small street between 2nd and 3rd Street, Bank Street will be on the left hand side.

What are hostels anyway?
Originally called youth hostels, they originated in 1912 in Germany as a way of getting young urbanites out of the cities and into the countryside during the summer months. Now, nearly a hundred years later, hostels can be found almost everywhere. They offer shared accommodation but instead of renting a room, the guest will rent a bed in a dorm room.  Many hostels also offer private rooms. Hostels usually have a common kitchen so that guests can prepare their own food and thus cut down on expenses. Hostels are also supposed to be places to socialize, where travelers can share their stories with one another, and learn about each other’s different cultural backgrounds. To facilitate this, the better hostels (such as ours) will have lounges or other common areas where their guests can gather round in.

Why do you have such strict check-in requirements?
Apple Hostels of Philadelphia is an international hostel that caters mostly to students and travelers from other countries. We do not rent our beds out to persons moving to Philadelphia or simply looking for a cheap place to stay. Due to our limited amount of space, we require that upon check in each of our guests provide one of the following: a valid foreign passport; or a government issued ID (such as a driver's license) showing that you live outside a 75-mile radius of Philadelphia.

Do you allow people under the age of 18 to stay at your hostel?
Persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or school-appointed chaperone. Children under the age of 12 are not permitted in our dorm rooms.

What tours and activities do you offer?
Please visit both our Tours and Events pages for the most up-to-date list of activities.

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Do your prices include taxes?
Our prices do not include tax. In Philadelphia, hotels and hostels charge 15.5% tax on accommodation.

I hate hostels that charge me for using my credit card. Do you do that too?
We think that sucks too! No, we do not charge any extra fees if you want to pay by credit card. Sure we have to pay a small fee to the credit card companies, but it's so much less hassle for us than having to deal with bills and coins. We also accept Apple Pay and US debit cards.
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Do I need a sleeping bag?
NOOOO! Sleeping bags are the best way of spreading bed bugs from a really bad hotel or hostel you stayed at into our very nice clean hostel. We don’t have bed bugs and we don’t want them so please leave your sleeping bags at home!
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Do you supply towels and linen free of charge?

Yes! Bed sheets are given to you when you check in. A duvet will already be on your bed. If you need a towel, please ask our receptionist for one (they are only given when requested). Please return the linen and the towel when you check out, or exchange them at reception during your stay if you need a fresh set. No deposit is ever required – we trust you! (Yes, we know we’re fools).
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Do you give student discounts?

We’ll give you a $2 discount per night if you show us your ISIC card. The discount only applies to dorm beds and cannot be combined with our Sunday or 7-Day package deals.
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Do I need a membership to stay at your hostel?
Well, maybe not, but it would help. We're affiliated with Hostelling International, so if you don't have a yearly HI membership then you'll have to pay the daily membership fee $3 per night. Please view our check in requirements on the Reservations page to see if you would need an HI membership to stay at the hostel.
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What time can I check in?
Check-in time is after 2:00 pm, once housekeeping has finished tidying up the hostel. If you arrive in Philadelphia earlier than that, you are welcome to leave your bags in our luggage storage at the hostel and hang around in our lounge, use our kitchen, internet kiosks, free wireless internet, laundry room, shower or just take off and have a look around the city.
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Are there lockers in the dorm rooms?
Yes, but you have to have your own padlock. Padlocks are available in our vending machine for $5. If you return the lock with both keys we will reimburse you $2, so essentially you have the option of renting the padlock for $3. Some of our lockers have power points in them so that you can charge your electronic devices.
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Where can I park my car?
We recommend the parking garage on 2nd Street between Chestnut St and Walnut St. It is open 24 hours and charges $19 per 24 hours. It is less than a 2-minute walk from the hostel. For further directions please click .
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Will there be a bathroom in my dorm room?
Women's bathrooms and showers are inside the dorm room (including the Coed dorm room). Men's showers are in the hallway just outside the dorm room.
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Is there a grocery store nearby?
You can get basic things at a market located at the corner of 2nd Street and Market Street, which is less than a 5 minute walk from the hostel.  If you need a large grocery store, then we suggest going to Super Fresh Food Market located at 309 S. 5th Street, which is about 6 blocks from the hostel.
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When is check out time?
Check out time is 11 am.
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Can I store my luggage at the hostel when I check out?
Absolutely. We have a storage room where you can leave your luggage for free for the whole day after checking out. You can also use all hostel facilities until you leave later in the day. (You have to pick up your luggage and leave the hostel by 8 pm).
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I stink. Do you have laundry facilities?
Yes. We have high efficiency washers and dryers (not crappy coin-operated ones). The cost is $5 for one load of laundry, and includes detergent and a dryer sheet. Also, you don’t have to pay extra if your clothes are still wet after one cycle in the dryer. Keep drying until your clothes are dry! (Although, one cycle usually does it).
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Finding Us

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